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Masil 12 Scalp Spa Hair Cleansing Lotion 15ml x 4pcs


Removes dead cuticles on the scalp as well as residues of styling products (e.g. hair spray, hair powder, silicone grease) - Improve Sebum Secretion for oily scalp - Alleviate itching, scalp acne and irritation - Prevents Dandruff - Excellent exfoliating ability (contains AHA and BHA) - Replenishes and locks in moisture to relieve oil secretion and abnormal exfoliation of keratin due to excessive dry scalp

【Suggested Use】

  1. Apply the MASIL 12 Scalp Spa Cleansing Lotion in a zigzag motion directly onto the dry scalp
  2. Dispense the entire tube per usage for the best result
  3. Massage and leave on scalp for 3-5 minutes
  4. Wash off with shampoo, followed by hair mask