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Masil 3 Salon Hair CMC Shampoo 300ml


  1. CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) exists in the outer layer of the hair (hair cuticles) and inner layer of the hair (hair cortex). CMC helps to hold the important components such as these 3 importants moisture, protein & oil.
  2. Thus keeping the hair strong and healthy.
  3. When our hair becomes damaged due to chemical treatments, heat styling or UV rays, CMC will flow out from the hair, causing the important components to leave the hair, thus leaving many "gaps" inside the hair.
  4. That is why when our hair is damaged, it becomes dry, frizzy and splits ends tends to appear.
  5. Scalp and hair-friendly cleansing element base. Repair dry and frizzy hair.
  6. Ceramide-like substance, CMC Amino element permeates into the hair.
  7. Maintain soft feeling. Softens damage and coarse hair to give moist and manageable smooth texture. Soft finishing shine with retained moisture.

Suggested Use

  1. Dispense an adequate amount on damp hair and lather well.
  2. Gently massage the scalp and hair. R3.inse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.