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Masil 8 Seconds Liquid Hair Mask 200ml

What is this?

Masil 8 Seconds Liquid Hair Mask is a cosmetic mask that gives thin, weakened and lifeless hair intensive nourishment, hydration, healing, volume and shine. Thanks to the special formula, the beauty product makes curls smoother, softer, more elastic and obedient, effectively combating excess oily scalp.

【Features of Masil 8 Seconds Liquid Hair Mask】

  1. Provides a healing effect on hair and skin;
  2. Normalizes the natural pH balance of the skin;
  3. Regulates the sebaceous glands;
  4. Reduces the synthesis of sebum and fat content;
  5. Strengthens the roots;
  6. Prevents hair loss;
  7. Takes good care of thin, weakened, lifeless hair;
  8. Provides an intense nourishing and moisturizing effect;
  9. Restores damaged areas of hair fibers;
  10. Amazing effect after 8 seconds of action;
  11. Prevents split ends and hair breakage;
  12. Forms an invisible protective layer that prevents the negative effects of styling products, hair dryer and running water;
  13. Presented in compact sachets and classic bottle-bottle.

【Suggested Use】

Apply the mask to damp, clean hair, distribute over the entire length. Leave it on for at least 8 seconds, for a more active recovery – for 3-5 minutes, massage gently and rinse thoroughly with warm water.