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Masil Miracle 9 Protein Hair Perfume Silk Smoothing Balm 180ml


  1. MASIL protein balm is made up of 9 types of protein extracts and ingredients like, hydrolysed collagen, hydrolysed wheat protein, hydrolysed soy protein and all these helps to reject thermal heat damage!
  2. This product is a fragrant hair care essence with pleasant fragrance.
  3. This balm can be applied like an AFTER SHOWER conditioner that NEED NOT be rinse off.
  4. Prevents heat damage fromhot styling tools.
  5. Repairs and solve the problem of hair split.
  6. Improves and strengthen your hair elasticity.

Suggested Use

  1. After washing hair, apply it to dry or semi-dry hair.
  2. Apply it on dry hair at any time.
  3. Use the product before blowing your hair to refrain from heat damage to hair.