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Leather Foam Cleaner 220ml + Conditioner

Multi Purpose Leather Cleaner and Conditioner 


Our leather cleaner is a unique cleaner that comes with 3 applicable to assist the process seamlessly that quickly and safely cleans genuine leather.

It not only prevents fading, discoloration and harmful UV rays, but also prevents dusts and stains on the surface. Most importantly, it moisturise your bag from preventing It protects the leather from loss of moisture, dryness and moulds. 

It is organic and helps with maintaining your bag is a perfect condition . 

**Caring for your leather products is important for its longevity. 



  • For use on a wide range of applications of leather products (Calf, Lambskin & more)
  • Organic ingredients that is safe to use on authentic bags, and bring your mouldy vintage bags back to life!  
  • Super simple to use! One set provided 3 applicable (Sponge, pink fibre cloth & leather deer velvet glove to assist to complete leather cleaning process seamlessly!) 



    • Shake well before use!
    • Step 1: Use Leather cleanser (BOTTLE 1) with applicable (1) yellow sponge 🧽,  wipe on the surface of the leather in circulation motion.  It will assist to remove any deep pigment stains as well as to renew the shine & clean any residue on your leather goods
    • Step 2: After (Step 1), use applicable (2) Pink fibre cloth to remove all stains, residue, moulds etc. 
  • Allow the surface to dry to a natural finish (let it dry for at least 1 hour before proceeding with  with leather conditioner.
     Pump a good amount *one full pump on applicable
     3 (Leather deer velvet glove 🧤) , repeat action in circulation motion & you will get a super soft & moisturised leather now!


  • Once leather condition  is completed, leave it overnight in room air temperature for at least 12 hours before using. If you intend to store (leave it for 24 hours before keeping in your dust bag.