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Rohto Melano CC VC Whitening Essence (20ml)


  • Rohto Melano CC medicinal stains intensive measures Essence Melano CC Intensive Anti Spot Essence is a Japanese beauty Serum to treat hyperpigmentation and acne.
  • The Serum features active vitamins C and vitamin E derivative to fade and prevent dark spots and acne marks.
  • It is also contains Dipotassium Glycyrrhizte and Thymol to reduce redness and irritation, while killing acne-causing bacteria to prevent acne.
  • Adding the moisturize factor and 2 anti- inflammatory ingredients, the product is well function on prevent spots and acne, moisturizing and whitening the skin.


  • The vitamins C and E act directly on the skin to inhibit the production of melanin, dark spot and blot also prevents and whiten acne scars and freckless.
  • Reduces redness and skin irritations.
  • Protects from skin spots and Keeps the skin moisturized.

How To Use:

  • After conditioning your skin with lotion or after cleanse, take an appropriate amount into palm and gently apply in specific areas or entire face.
  • Duration: 5-6 months when use 4-5 drops per day.