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ROZO Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil

[ROZO] Long Lasting Eyebrow Pencil

ROZO waterproof eyebrow pencil, professional brow enhancing kit with eyebrow brush. Create natural eyebrows and keep them all day.  

DOUBLE-HEADED EYEBROW PENCIL WITH BRUSH - This creatively designed eyebrow pencil is a must-have accessory for every fashionable woman. One end of the eyebrow pencil is a triangular pencil, which can achieve fine drawing from 0.5mm to 3mm; the other end of the eyebrow pencil is a brush, which can smudge and shape the eyebrows in a large area.

LONG-LASTING WATERPROOF - The vegetarian formula of the brow pencil is rich in the extracts of Polygonum multiflorum, ginseng, honeysuckle and other plants, which is safe and can moisturize the skin. The advanced formula of the eyebrow pencil is delicate and easy to attach; its waterproof and can last for a long time in sweat or rain. To remove eyebrow makeup, you only need to wipe it with warm water.

ADJUSTABLE LENGTH REFILL - The refill of the eyebrow pencil has a total length of 1.1 inches, its length can be adjusted by rotating it. The best use length of brow pencil is 1/20 inch (1~2mm), and the best use angle is 45°. If the tip of the eyebrow pencil sticks out too long, please control the pressure to avoid breaking.

 LUXURY APPEARANCE - The makeup eyebrow pencil is made of brass, shining luxurious and charming golden luster. Luxurious eyebrow pencils will double your charm on any dressing table or any occasion. The square eyebrow pencil shaft is easy to hold and won't slip; it can be stable on any table and won't roll.

 How to use

  1. Fill in between hairs with wider surface
  2. Draw brow line and delicate edges with slimmer surface.